Glorious Bounty

Yes, this is a incredibly cliche but insanely appropriate term for this week’s CSA share!

Starting at 12:00 and going clockwise, you have kale, 2 ears of corn, 2 lbs of summer squash, white and red peppers, 3/4 lb yellow cherry tomatoes, 10 oz of purple and yellow beans, either 2 or 3 lbs of tomatoes and a honeydew (or similar?) melon. Gorgeous! And think, I paid $225 for 20-24 weeks of this. Ok, this is the start of the really large, fantastic shares. But, in the cost scheme of things, I have to say that my CSA is a GREAT deal.


About nomnivorous

A food enthusiast who cooks, bakes and eats it all... And if it happens to be cute, it's even more likely to be eaten by this nomnivore!
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One Response to Glorious Bounty

  1. Lisa says:

    I do here in Raleigh and love it – $21/week and skip as you need to! AND delivered to the house… amazing.

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