fiending friday

[I’m participating in NaBloPoMo. Thirty days, thirty posts. Friday is Day Five, and I bring you another new weekly feature.]

With the sudden change to icy cold weather and, currently, rain rain rain here in New York, a new set of cravings come into play. The fiend in me comes out. Yeah, it might be a bit crude to associate food cravings with drug related slang, but honestly? With the winters here, you do what you can to keep yourself happy. And sometimes that happiness comes from a big bowl of wine braised short ribs or a dish of warm, creamy rice pudding. Since these cravings feel a bit new and different, and they inspire the cook in me, I thought I’d share. Fridays are when I start pondering what to do with weekend free time, and if it’s a good weekend, along with spending time with friends, I can cook some for the week ahead, and hopefully soothe the fiend in me. Today?

Taken by Kristen Brenemen, via Flickr

[Chicken] Pot Pie

This week’s Time Out New York is solely responsible for this. Those pages stared me down on Wednesday, and now, the slideshow is doing the same. Rell me a flaky crust, creamy centered pot pie doesn’t sound great? Whether it’s chicken, beef, even kielbasa and turkey potpie, it all sounds divine. So I go forth in search of great recipes to play around with, and create something yummy, warm and comforting in the kitchen. A few stars I’ve found so far:

Now, who is up for an all-pie dinner in January?


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One Response to fiending friday

  1. miss tejota says:

    I love a good pot pie, need to find a way to successfully swap out the flour and make it gluten free.

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