busy bee cafe, raleigh, nc

Tater tots aren’t just for Napolean.

On Sunday, I had what was lovingly referred by the waitress to as ‘crack tots’ at Busy Bee Cafe. For the farewell and hangover brunch after the weekend’s binge memorial activities, host Misha took me to one of her new favorite spots, Busy Bee Cafe.

Downtown Raleigh has completely stepped up their game and this is just one example. It is packed with bars, from the holes in the walls to the fancy schmancy spots. And the new watering holes and restaurants are totally inspired by trends found and well known in New York, San Francisco, and other big foodie [cringe] cities. Some bars are growing their own herbs for their house mixed drinks, other restaurants are embracing the farmer’s market, locally raised foods. And Busy Bee is one of them.

It’s one part coffee shop, one part bar, two parts delicious food. The ‘crack tots’ are officially “Truffled Tots and Fried Egg – [with] Grana Padano, fines herbs.” Basically, an overwhelming pile of crisp, truffle-salty, cheesy tater tots with two sunny-side up eggs. Break into the yolky goodness of the eggs and dip away. It’s rather brilliant, as potatoes are so delightful for breakfast and yet we limit ourselves to hash browns and home fries.

My friend got a very nice (but maybe not as show-stopping) “Southern Eggs Benny – Egg, bacon, sausage, gravy, biscuit, choice of side.” Unfortunately, the eggs were on an English muffin, not the promised biscuit, but it was otherwise a nice Eggs Benedict, with thick, wonderful bacon. Our drinks, a chai latte for Misha and a [regular] latte for myself, were also very well done. I don’t know if I’ve encountered a thicker, more heavenly foam atop my latte since Global Village [another Raleigh favorite – but I’m biased].

The service was great, the price was right and the atmosphere is awesome – exposed brick and recovered hardwoods from the original building, as pictured below.

If you’re a Raleigh resident or just passing through, I highly recommend checking Busy Bee out. … Or you can find them online. Or like them on Facebook. Or, of course, follow them on Twitter.


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  1. miss tejota says:

    I’m officially drooling.

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