fiending friday: chile or chili?

How about both! The cold weather has continued to fuel my craving for warm, rich foods. Last weekend’s trip to North Carolina included a spicy bowl of chili from Mitch’s Tavern. And nothing said coat weather like that bowl of chili. While I won’t be tailgating like that bowl of Mitch’s chili, I will be filling mine with beans and topping with cheese.

And say what you wish, but I think the only cooking utensil that is acceptable for chili is a crockpot. It’s a bit foolproof, because with enough tomatoes and spices, anything you put in the crockpot will be good. Onions, beans of all varieties, roasted, shredded chicken, carrots, the list goes on. Don’t be shy on the cumin, chili powder and paprika, and you’ve got yourself a good start.

This chili from Annie Bakes sounds fantastic, with bacon and chorizo. The four star Slow Cooker Chili from AllRecipes seems to cover all the spice, herb and vegetable bases.  We Are Not Martha [what a cute name] has a nice step-by-step photo tutorial for a straight-forward Slow Cooker Chili. And speaking of Martha, her Slow Cooker Beef & Bean Chili is calling my name. Any chili that uses dried beans sounds like a thrifty winner.


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One Response to fiending friday: chile or chili?

  1. AmandaLP says:

    I disagree. True Chili (meat and chilies, only) should be made in a dutch oven. Preferably over a fire.

    However, a very reasonable substitute can be made in a crock pot, especially if you are adding extra stuff into it.

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