I have it. In a big way. 

I’ve made a commitment to myself to write about some of the joys of San Francisco during this month of blogging. Unfortunately, going through my pictures has taken my desire to travel from threat level Elevated to Severe. My vacation to San Francisco over Labor Day weekend was so wonderful, I would love to return there. Or explore Seattle, Olympia or Portland [I have a friend in Olympia as of recent]. Or Charleston, SC [another friend]. Or take the plunge and go to London. [More friends there too.] Or… well, almost anywhere.

I realize there are great cities in closer proximity to me – Philadelphia and Boston are both on my list of explorations yet to be done. But it seems like no matter how close or far, the cost of travel is so high, so outrageously high. Yet, from losing someone who loved travel so much, the brevity of life is that much more apparent. Waiting to travel until you feel financially secure to do so seems like a forever long struggle.

So a question for you all, especially those living in big cities like myself. How do you balance enjoying the pleasures of life with the realities of cost of living?


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One Response to wanderlust

  1. AmandaLP says:

    I still partially treat NYC as a tourist attraction. There are so many things here that I would never be able to see elsewhere.

    Living here also makes my trips back to Texas seem more vacation like. I get to relax, and see new places and old favorites.

    Lastly, friends. Staying with friends makes things cheaper. Plus, living near major airports means we have more flights and connections, and many airfare sales.

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