ff: cakes and pies, oh my!

Next week, I receive two glorious days of celebratory desserts in one punch. Along with the gluttonous holiday that is Thanksgiving, Tuesday is the birthday of yours truly. And, of course, yours truly is fiending this Friday for all the desserts that come with the season.

can't we all just get along?!

Personally, I have never made a 100% from-scratch pie before. This Thanksgiving, I look to change that. My sweet potato supply runneth over,  so that filling just makes sense. But, being one that grew up with pumpkin pie to the tilt, I don’t have much experience with fantastic sweet potato pies or recipes to go with said pies.

Fortunately, a bit of poking around online has given me a few stunners.

And these two pumpkin recipe seem like they could easily transition to sweet potato. Yum!

Now, for my birthday, my brain is debating. Shall I make a cake for myself? Should I do this for my dinner with friends [at a restaurant] on Sunday? Or the actual day of? I do make some damn good cake, but I am a bit tempted to just indulge in a good cupcake or two. Or I could dive head first and make a The Cherpumple!

To the bakers out there, what are your thoughts on making your own birthday cake? And, while I’m asking, what are your thoughts on the pie recipes?


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A food enthusiast who cooks, bakes and eats it all... And if it happens to be cute, it's even more likely to be eaten by this nomnivore!
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4 Responses to ff: cakes and pies, oh my!

  1. miss tejota says:

    I’m not a baker, but I have made or bought my own cakes in the past. And so have many of my other friends who are bakers. I say if you feel up to making one and you want to, go for it.

    So sad I can’t be there to celebrate your bday, but I do hope to get in a Happy Birthday in person to you before next Sunday.

  2. AmandaLP says:

    Ooo. I am off on Wednesday, we can do lunch together!

    I TOTALLY want to make a cherpumple. I also want to do a bacon wrapped turkey and a turducken. I think an apple pie and caramel apple cake will be my desserts. (Ooo. I could make mini apple pies to go into caramel apple cupcakes ala http://bakeitinacake.com/recipes/pumpkinpiecupcakes )

  3. The cherpumple is a must-do for your lifetime. I posted step-by-step instructions on my blog. Do it.

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