love is…

A friend bringing you leftover cookies after a stressful day at work. Not just any cookies, but ones from the last day of Dorie Greenspan’s pop-up shop CookieBar.

A heart-shaped scallion pancake that was one of many bites at a glorious Chinese New Year potluck hosted by and full of food bloggers.

Toasting to new beginnings with champagne and delivery sushi with your fabulous roommate.

Discovering that a city can help you discover yourself.

February 9th, 2009, I moved to New York City. February 9th, 2011, I read this amazing love story by Gluten Free Girl. Her call for love stories seemed like fate, as I was realizing something important that day. This city has helped me find who I am. Day by day, I learn more about myself than I ever expected. Day by day, I live through the trials and tribulations this city gives its residents. And day by day, my love for this city grows [or, on the bad days, stays strong].

In two years, much has happened to me. Ups and downs, internships and unemployment, new jobs, new apartments,  great bites and growing friendships. I cannot imagine the person I am today without my time in New York. It really does bring out the best in me, and isn’t that what love is about?

In two years, I have discovered that not only is it okay to spend a good portion of your life on the hunt for amazing food, but it is embraced! I have discovered that cooking three hundred cookies for three hundred mostly-strangers and WANTING to do it is embraced! I have discovered  that I am not alone in a slight [ok, major] obsession in my love of food. And I have discovered how important that love is to my life.

More than that, I am amazed at the quality of people in my life due to New York City. I am amazed at my fabulous friends, at the connections made, skills built, smiles shared, love that spreads across this city. This city is NOT a city of grumpy, unhappy, unfriendly people. Just reach out, connect, and you will discover the love. Every meal, every concert, every show, every night out, the city just throbs with an energy that is unmatched. Magnetic, enchanting, passionate. It wraps around you and won’t let you go untouched. The city is a living, breathing thing, and it exudes so much. Love included.

This may not seem like a tangible love story, but for someone admittedly not an expert on love or romance, it’s one of the most romantic relationships I’ve had. On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the love with me. Even the most cynical person can find something to gush about. Whether a person, a book, a song, or even a city, I hope to hear about your love story.


About nomnivorous

A food enthusiast who cooks, bakes and eats it all... And if it happens to be cute, it's even more likely to be eaten by this nomnivore!
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One Response to love is…

  1. miss tejota says:

    I’m grateful that you moved to NYC, you have inspired me and have taught me to love and hunt for great food.

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