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My friend Karen just launched a new blog, one of the best named blogs ever. Downward Facing Hot Dog. As described by her, the new site is “where my love for yoga and food meet on a gluten free bun.” I feel that writing can be one of the best ways to cope with changes, and if it’s food related writing, you know I’m all over it!

Her post about food allergies, and dipping her toe into the world of gluten free cooking, had me chomping at the bit. So many gluten free cooks I read are so inspiring. I just had to come up with a list of some of my favorite, most helpful gluten free blogs.

On one hand, this goes directly out to her. On the other hand, I hope everyone finds it helpful. Because even with a daunting list of allergies like Karen’s, all is not lost.

Gluten Free Girl should become your new best friend. Or at least a very favorite blog of yours.
Joy The Baker just recently posted both gluten free waffles AND cupcakes!
Zenfully Delicious is also a great, growing resource. The creator, Jennifer, went through a similar allergy discovery as yours and she is trying to make her site a base for all things delicious, even for those with chronic health issues.
Kate and Autumn are two friends who both have fabulous blogs that are gluten free. Kate even has a new book out!


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