quick bite: saucer sized oatmeal cookies

Have you ever eaten something that leaves you so happy, so head over heels, that you feel like you need to shout it from the roof tops? Well, I just did and that’s what Quick Bite is about. When I eat something that is so amazing, I’m going to shout it from my internet roof top.

Yesterday was the Great American Bake Sale, where food bloggers and bakers across America baked and sold their treats. The cause is Share Our Strength, who is fighting to end childhood hunger. I baked and helped run the table for a few hours yesterday, and while the table was full of awe-inspiring homemade goodies, the one bite that absolutely took my breath away?

NOT the cookies in question, but some equally pretty ones from esthereggy on Flickr.

Saucer Sized Oatmeal Cookies! The recipe is from Pam Anderson, and the cookies were baked by her daughter Maggy [who organized the NYC bake sale], they are incredible. Chock full of tart cranberries, rich chocolate chunks and toasted pecans, a really nice chew to the cookie and so flavorful. And guess what? We’re lucky enough to have the recipe available to us online. I say this rarely, but this is the only oatmeal cookie recipe you need. It’s simply the best!


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A food enthusiast who cooks, bakes and eats it all... And if it happens to be cute, it's even more likely to be eaten by this nomnivore!
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2 Responses to quick bite: saucer sized oatmeal cookies

  1. I am glad you had a successful sale. I was involved in the Chicago one and was so gratified to be able to do my part

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