Who are you?

Oh hi there, nice to meet you too. Here’s a few quick facts:

  • My name is Emily.
  • I’m in my mid twenties.
  • I live in Brooklyn.
  • I work in midtown Manhattan
  • I’m an apparel designer.
  • I spent my first twenty or so years living in North Carolina.
  • Food obsession is in my genes. My father has cooked for a living for as long as I can remember.
  • Food competition is something I can’t stop doing now that I’ve started. Addicted might be the word.

What should I expect to see on this blog?

Well, I’m a baker, cook, I eat out at dives and fancy schmancy places. I love to travel, hope to do it more often. Also, the following things may show up on the blog, they may not. A few things I love:

  • Salty-sweet desserts
  • Brussels sprouts (roasted, please)
  • Bacon (to counteract the greens)
  • Vanilla beans
  • Kettle cooked potato chips
  • Spicy tuna rolls
  • Warm bread from the oven with butter.
  • Vinho verde

How do you pronounce it?

nom·niv·o·rous \näm-ˈni-və-rəs\

What does Nomnivorous mean, anyway?

I’m an omnivore, and pretty hardcore about trying all kinds of food given the chance. I also have soft spot for LOLcats, and nom has become a word many friends and I use regularly. It’s code for “oooh this is good, can’t stop eating, om nom nom!” I hope that my blog brings you a wide variety of food, all of which you want to nom up!

It all comes down to this for me: No matter what it is, all things taste better when made with love. Nomnivorous is the documentation of food made with love from my kitchen to yours.


2 Responses to about

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Emily!

    You and I met this morning at the Bake Sale table. I stopped by with my husband and boys to drop off some goods and buy a few, too (had such a hard time deciding what to get — everything was soooo good!). Thank you so much for volunteering, helping, and serving with such warmth and friendliness!

    It was great to meet you!


  2. Holly says:

    What a fab about page emily! Really lovely!
    Nom. I like.
    Great to find some more foodie inspiration!

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