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rhubarb gin rickey jam

Oh rhubarb. You’re having a moment right now, especially in my neck of the woods. What a strange plant you are, raw and full of crunch and astringency, but slowly softening in sugar and heat, tart but tamed. Donning a ruby … Continue reading

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hummus – or why i’m a horrible daughter

I have a confession to make. One that, as a daughter of an immigrant, people who expect their children to be obedient and proud of their parents, is bad. It’s a food confession and my worst food memories. Perfect for … Continue reading

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dark chocolate fudge pops … on a stick!

When I last left you, there was a rather bold statement made. And I hope to prove it to you. Yes, I very much believe that Matt Armendariz puts the treats of childhood to shame. Do you remember those somewhat … Continue reading

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gluten free goodness across the web

My friend Karen just launched a new blog, one of the best named blogs ever. Downward Facing Hot Dog. As described by her, the new site is “where my love for yoga and food meet on a gluten free bun.” I … Continue reading

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golden child jam – and a giveaway!

During the winter months, those of us particularly obsessed enthralled with eating seasonal foods have a tough time of it. My love of kale and winter squash only stretch so far. But there are a few highlights in the fruit world, earlier … Continue reading

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saturday snapshot

Late afternoon brunch for one on a quiet Saturday. Whole wheat buttermilk biscuits, tomato jam and sour cream scrambled eggs, with a honey almond [milk] chai. And it may have been eaten cold because I was obsessing over taking other … Continue reading

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take that, mickey d’s!

In my day job, one of my coworkers introduced me to the phrase “knocking up.” No, not that kind of knocked up. Most of us understand the concept of knock-offs, but she’s taking a lower cost garment and being ‘inspired’ … Continue reading

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